"Organic Audio" is powered by "The (A)coutic (R)etrival (I)maging (A)mplifier Engine" - A New, Innovative, Patented Design that changes the paradigm of how speakers are made...


The Diva top driver is either a four or six inch, coupled to the ARIA Engine. The result of the coupling is more present low end and it fills a larger room more completely. As in opera, a single entity shining beyond the competition. 


        The D6 on the left, the D4 on the right, both in Magic Black Finish


DIVA 6 and DIVA 4 



The Little Diva, a powerhouse in a small package.  The ARIA engine is incorporated in a small package (13"W, 6"H, 6"D), Bluetooth enabled, and performs like a full stand-alone system.


Classic and Unexpected


The Nautical comes with either a four inch or six inch driver coupled with the ARIA Engine.  The round design was our first enclosure with the four inch driver.  It just got better with the six inch driver.  The only difference in size is the baffle.

It has a very high WAF rating (Wife Approval Factor) and is very versatile in its placement.



                    The Nautical 6

                       The Nautical 4

The Nautical 6 resting on a matching leather pouch filled with sand.  This provides not only stabilization for the round body, but some sonic isolation.  The pouches are included in all pairs.


The Quartet on Display


The Omega line consists of models that incorporate multiple drivers. The ARIA Engine in the Omega keeps the low end of the sound spectrum tight, defined, just more present.  For larger rooms it creates an amazingly large soundstage that rivals a live concert hall.



       The Omega inline covered in saddle leather and encased in walnut

The Omega Leather


                     The Omega inline with the Magic Black finish

The Omega


Perigee: (noun)the closest point in an orbit.  Our Perigee Line is all about Close Proximity Systems®.  different configurations, all producing a personal sound sphere similar to headphones, only better.

The Perigee CPS speakers that mount on front of chair.  3" speakers, same as in the chair

The kit

The Kit is very versatile, but was designed to take the Audio Chair CPS and remove the requirement of purchasing a piece of furniture.  

The Perigee CPS with 3.5" speakers, for computer use or small living spaces

The computer

These CPS speakers are the same physical size and the Kit, but have a bigger punch and presence with a 3.5" driver.  With the ARIA engine, probably more than enough for small living spaces, especially dorm rooms.

The chair prototype

This is the first chair built for us by Fortress Seating in California (check them out).  It features the ARIA engine with walnut baffles.  Our chair earned a "Best of Show" award at Capital Audio Fest in 2015 from one of the magazines.  Read the review here.